Welcome to the official website of the National Center for AIDS Prevention of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia (NCAP). 

Over the the past years, after the first HIV cases were registered in Armenia, our country has gained a great experience in the field of HIV prevention and treatment, considerable progress has been made in responding to the HIV epidemic. All that was achieved mainly through the effective work of NCAP. 

When in 1988 the first cases of HIV infection were registered in the country, it became evident that the disease, which had already spread all over the world, reached also our country. In response to the current situation, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia in 1989 established NCAP, the activities of which, starting from 1997 have been fixed by the Law of the Republic of Armenia on "Prevention of disease caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

Today NCAP is a modern medical facility, which has been for more than 30 years on the frontlines in the fight against HIV/AIDS, coordinating healthcare institutions’ activities in this field.

NCAP is the only structure in the country implementing epidemiological surveillance, which makes HIV final diagnosis, provides antiretroviral treatment and follow up for HIV patients. 

Implementing those activities, NCAP has achieved significant success in preventing HIV, providing ARV treatment, raising AIDS awareness and forming safer behavior of the population.

NCAP has had a significant role in setting up the system of HIV testing and counseling in Armenia, increasing assessibility to HIV testing, which resulted in an improvement of HIV detectability and raised the effectiveness of epidemiological surveillance system.

NCAP provides methodological support and technical assistance to health care institutions countrywide, as well as to programes implemented in the field of HIV/AIDS by other state public authorities, non-governmental and international organizations.

NCAP carries out not only practical, but also scientific activities. NCAP is involved in scientific and research initiatives conducted in the region. Research articles and abstracts of the Center personnel were published in the local and international scientific handbooks, and were presented at the world and European conferences.

NCAP successfully collaborates with UNAIDS, other UN agencies, Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, and other international organizations.

AIDS is not only an issue of public health and modern science, it is a challenge for the whole mankind. Taking this challenge up, NCAP will continue implementing activities to respond effectively to the HIV epidemic moving toward the ultimate goal of achieving HIV-free generation.

I wish everyone good health.

The Lord is our helper and our protector.




Director of the National Center for AIDS Prevention
of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia
Samvel Grigoryan, MD, PhD, DSc, professor