Tour of the new renovated infrastructure of the National AIDS Center



During their working visit to the National AIDS Center the Global Fund Portfolio Manager for Armenia Valeria Grishechkina and the Global Fund Transition and Sustainability Specialist Corina Maxim made a tour of the Department of Laboratory Diagnostics new infrastructure, which was renovated and upgraded last year under the grant agreement concluded between the Ministry of Health and the Global Fund.  

·   This modern and unique structure operates the only reference laboratory in the country making final HIV laboratory diagnosis, and the only laboratory performing patients’ immune status determination. Also, there are several other laboratories implementing, as a follow-up, tests for determination of other indicators for diagnosis and treatment, as well as tests for HIV co-infections.

·   In 2018 a total of about 135, 000 tests were performed in the Department of Laboratory Diagnostics for diagnosis and follow-up.

·   In the other infrastructure of this Department HIV viral load determination, drug resistance mutations, as well as HIV genotyping laboratory tests are conducted. The Center physicians use those tests results to prescribe the most effective treatment regimens.

·  Laboratory staff of the National AIDS Center has strong professional capacity. The employees underwent various advanced trainings abroad. The Department of Laboratory Diagnostics is involved into a number of regional scientific researches carried out under the Agreements on provision of material and technical support, and on science and technology cooperation concluded with Central Research Institute of Epidemiology and State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology “Vector” of RF Rospotrebnadzor.

·   Participation in scientific programmes allows the National AIDS Center also to be supplied free with equipment, expensive test-kits and health care products.